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Do you have a generator at your home or business?

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The short answer is this: if you don't, you should consider buying one!

There's no telling when your neighborhood will be struck with a power outage, or there's a horrible storm which causes your business to lose some power. But with a generator available to supply back-up power, you can rest assured it won't affect you.

T.K. Lyden Electric & Generator is Central Massachusetts' leading provider of professional Generac generator installations, repairs, and servicing!

T. K. Lyden Electric & Generator is the only call you need, we handle:

  • Your purchase of a generator that fits your personal and professional needs.
  • Applying for all necessary permits.
  • Installation of your emergency backup generator(s).
  • Selecting the location and deciding the fuel type.
  • Delivery, un-packaging and setting the unit in place fully assembled.
  • Installation of a transfer switch.
  • Wire up 6 to 16 critical circuits or back up your entire home electrical system. This will vary by unit type.
  • Working with our fuel partners to install piping, storage or needed generator fuel.
  • Test run and simulate a power outage to be sure you get what you expected for coverage.
  • Sign you up for a yearly preventative maintenance schedule.
  • Clean all work areas.
  • Meeting with local inspectors
  • Take time at the end of the Generator Installation to answer any questions and general operation.

When you choose us for your generator installation, you will work directly with our Project Manager, Robert H. Thompson, who is involved in every sale of Generac Generators.

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T. K. Lyden Electric & Generator is a Factory Trained Select Generac Sales and Service Contractor. What does that mean?

  • All of our technicians have undergone factory schooling, where they learned how to troubleshoot and repair any and all components of your system, from the engine to the circuit board, relays, rotor, stattor, and everywhere in between.
  • We have access to all replacement parts for all of our models.
  • Our service trucks have the most common parts right on the truck - getting your generator going within minutes, not days like most dealers.
  • Anyone can sell you a generator, but will they be there after the sale.
  • Warranty: we do all your factory warranty work. If you bought your system from us you will never even see a bill for warranty work.
  • Preventive maintenance agreements available. We come to your home every year and run a full electrical diagnostic as well as checking the safety features, and all factory required maintenance.
  • Extended warranties available.

Enjoy the security of knowing you bought your generator system from the only family owned dealer in the area. Keeping family safe in an outage is our number one priority.

Why Choose T.K. Lyden for your generac generators needs in Worcester County?

Free phone estimates and fair pricing for any electrical installation, wiring, repair & inspection service.

Before each electrical job begins, every customer will receive a free phone consultation from an experienced service personnel. Unless additional electrical services are requested or required, your T. K. Lyden Electric & Generator quote will be your T. K. Lyden Electric Generator cost. No surprises, no problems.

All T. K. Lyden Electric & Generator installation, wiring, repair and inspection services are guaranteed and extended warranties are available. We accept all major credit cards, as well as offer convenient payment plans.

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