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Many families and businesses in the modern world run on electricity, and don't truly understand the importance until they've suffered an outage. Electrical failure limits your ability to feed yourself, store and administer medicines, use medical equipment, or perform countless other essential activities. It also prevents you from accessing the Internet or television, making it impossible to confirm whether the event that caused the outage is over.

T.K. Lyden Electric & Generator helps you keep your lights on under any circumstances. As a generator service company operating in Central Massachusetts, we provide installation, repairs, and upgrades to all local homes and businesses, allowing you to obtain redundant power affordably, efficiently, and reliably.

Comprehensive Generator Services from an Experienced Team of Electricians in Ashland

With more than 40 years of experience serving Central Massachusetts, the T.K. Lyden team is prepared to handle all your generator needs, including:

  • Generator Installation - T.K. Lyden is licensed to install standby generators in a wide range of sizes, capacities, and brands. From Dewalt to GE to Honeywell to Generac generators, we carry virtually every variety of redundant power product, allowing us to select the model that works best for your building.
  • Generator Repair - Generators won't do you much good in an emergency if they don't work, which is why our repair team restores them quickly and effectively. We look for the root cause of each generator service issue, allowing us to shore it up fully and prevent similar damage from ever happening again.

All T.K. Lyden technicians complete full factory training, allowing us to install and repair each generator we work with safely and effectively. We also cover all of our work with a comprehensive warranty, and offer an extended warranty at your request. Not only does this save you money, but it gives us an incentive to get the job right the first time. You can be confident, then, that the generator work we do reflects the best of our abilities.

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Supplementing Your Generator With Quality Electrical Work in Ashland

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T.K. Lyden is not just a generator service, but also an experienced electrical contractor. Besides being valuable in their own right, our electrical services enhance the quality of the generators we provide. By providing quality wiring and circuit breaker upgrades, we reduce the chance that a power outage will damage the broader electrical system, allowing your generator to take over as soon as the grid fails. Likewise, when we install solar panels, we create another redundant source of power for sunny days, so you will not have to rely on the generator throughout the entire outage. We also upgrade your appliances to limit energy use during the day. The less energy your building uses, the less power you will need from the generator, allowing you to keep the lights on even when fuel is low.

Why Choose T.K. Lyden for your generator repair needs in Ashland?

Our electricians have knowledge and skilled.

By specializing in the electrical installation, repair and ongoing maintenance of all electrical services for your home, condo or apartment in Central Massachusetts and the surrounding area, T. K. Lyden Electric & Generator earns your confidence with a unique combination of product quality, technical expertise, and on-the-job skills. Whether you need a ceiling fan installed, a basement rewired, outdoor security lighting, or a full home inspection, you'll receive prompt, expert electrical service from T. K. Lyden Electric -- the first time, every time.

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