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Maintenance schedule for all generators - let us help you keep your generator maintained for peace of mind year after year! 

Congratulations! On your new Automatic Standby Generator or Portable generator installation; you now have peace of mind that you will never be inconvenienced by a power outage again. In order to ensure safe and reliable operation, general maintenance will need to be performed. Anyone can sell you a generator, but your equipment needs service after the sale. After 8 hours of run time the first most important scheduled maintenance should be completed. Then after the first year, we go over the entire mechanical and electrical portion of the generator to make sure everything during the break in period is working the way it should. We change the oil and oil filter, check and gap the spark plugs, check all functions of the generator, test the output voltage and frequency and test to ensure the system works properly. Take a look at our Preventative Maintenance Schedule. Hyperlink to PDF Generator Maintenance Schedule (need this from Tim). 

From that point on, most manufactures recommend that you may go up to two years before you need service again, depending on the amount of time the unit runs and the climate you live in. T. K. Lyden Electrical & Generator recommends annual service in New England due to the ever changing temperature conditions we experience to ensure that it will function when needed. Finding potential or existing problems now will save you from a power failure later.

Service Plans for Your Generator

Platinum Maintenance Plan
This program includes wireless remote monitoring and scheduled maintenance. For a very reasonable monthly fee. We not only monitor the real time status of your generator, but dispatch our Service Personnel if we discover a problem.
Service Includes: oil change, overall inspection of generator, run test, no load test, valve adjustments, voltage adjustment, frequency check, battery test, check starter & ignition system, replace plugs as needed, Free battery replacement, Inspection and Tighten Connections, apply ant oxidation gel to electrical connections as needed, vacuum and wipe down components, Apply conditioner and surface cleaning, Level and Center, repair support system, add stone as needed to level, paint gas pipes as needed. Priority on parts, 15% off all parts purchases from T. K. Lyden and 5% off all Electrical Work Performed.
Gold Maintenance Plan
This program provides an extended Extend life and ensure optimal performance.
Service Includes: oil change, inspect and test battery (Free Replacement), electrical inspection, tighten electrical connections as needed, engine check, valve adjustment, gasket inspection, simulated power outage & load transfer, provide necessary replacement of wear items such as spark plugs, filters, and fuses that are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty, test ignition system, wash exterior and wipe down engine components, vacuum interior and remove weeds.  
Silver Maintenance Plan
This is our value leader... and our most popular service program Extend life and ensure optimal performance. 

Service Includes oil, engine, battery and electrical inspection, simulated power outage and load transfer, and necessary valve adjustments, replacement of wear items such as spark plugs, filters, and fuses.
Portable Generator Plan
Extend life and ensure optimal performance. Service Includes: oil, engine, battery and electrical inspection, simulated power load transfer, inspection of transfer equipment and necessary valve adjustments, replacement of wear items such as spark plugs, filters, and fuses.

Generac has been trusted for over 50 years for providing dependable, stable, stand-by power Generators for millions of customers, from portable home units to commercial-grade automatic power backup systems.

T. K. Lyden Electric & Generator is a Massachusetts Authorized Generac® Sales and Service Dealer. We are licensed, insured and factory trained to service, maintain and install generators according to all safety standards and building codes.

With over 40 years of experience, T.K. Lyden Electric & Generator is fully equipped to perform every aspect residential & commercial generator installations at any location in Massachusetts - from contact sale to test fire to maintenance reminders and product updates as well as warranty repairs. Remembering generator safety is our #1 concern when it comes to back up power.

Why T.K. Lyden Electric & Generator?

We Are a Factory Trained Selected Sales and Service Company. 

T. K. Lyden was one of the very first Select Dealers in the state of MA. Select means factory trained technicians on staff, most common parts in-stock and we handle all warranty claims. Anyone can sell you a generator, but you need service and warranty after the sale. We are your local factory authorized warranty dealer. We provide all factory required maintenance with preventative maintenance agreements or as an on call yearly maintenance. As your generator is there when you need it, T. K. Lyden is there for any type of service work that might need to be done. We want you to be sure that when you are in need of your standby power, you and your family are NEVER WITHOUT.

Our technicians have a wide range of knowledge in servicing and repairing many of the major brands of Generators on the market including Dewalt, GE, Kohler, Honeywell, Champion, Powermate, Briggs & Stratton, Siemens, Cummings and many more.

Choose a Sales and Service Contractor with over 40 Years of knowledge Selling, Installing and Servicing Generators. T. K. Lyden Electric & Generator.

  • All of our technicians have undergone factory schooling, where they learned how to troubleshoot and repair any and all components of your system, from the engine to the circuit board, relays, rotor, stator, and everywhere in between.
  • We have access to all replacement parts for all of our models.
  • Our service trucks have the most common parts right on the truck - getting your generator going within minutes, not days like most dealers.
  • Anyone can sell you a generator, but will they be there after the sale.
  • Warranty: we do all your factory warranty work. If you bought your system from us, you will never even see a bill for warranty work.
  • Preventive maintenance agreements available. We come to your home every year and run a full electrical diagnostic as well as checking the safety features, and all factory required maintenance on your generator.
  • Extended warranties available. Call for pricing

Enjoy the security of knowing you bought your generator system from the only family owned dealer in the area. Keeping family safe in an outage is our number one priority.

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